About Hari Koduvely

Career Summary

Over 15 years of experience in solving business problems using Machine Learning in the  industrial R&D context.

Over 7 years of experience in leading medium size teams comprised of Data Scientists and ML Engineers.

Currently Senior Data Scientist at Microfocus. Previously worked with startups Veem, Zighra, Samsung R&D Institute, Amazon and Infosys as Data Scientist 

Led the development of methods for generating insights from mobile application usage data collected from users on Samsung Big Data Platform. In particular, developed and implemented sequence mining and user segmentation methods using Apache Spark. 

Led the development of auto-classification, sentiment analysis and auto-summarization of VOC (Voice-of-Customer) data using machine learning techniques on Samsung community portal.

Led the development of cloud assisted adaptive document classification system on Samsung mobile phones (Patent application filed. Application No 3394/CHE/2015, IPTO)

Led the research collaboration between Infosys Labs and Cambridge University in developing Machine Learning methods for Recommendation Systems. The collaboration resulted in a novel Bayesian Probabilistic Matrix Factorization method for recommendation and its implementation using Hadoop and Map-Reduce frameworks in Infosys E-commerce Product (US Patent Application No 20150088953 A1)

Deployed a health monitoring system using Particle Filtering Markov Chain Monte Carlo methods for an Infosys Product for Asset Management (US Patent Application No 20140288908 A1). 

Authored book titled “Learning Bayesian Models with R” for Pact publishers UK.

Proficiency in Python, R, Spark, Hadoop, Hive and SQL.

Serving as Assistant Editor to Journal of Pattern Recognition Research.

Served as part time volunteer for Unique Identity (Aadhaar) project of Indian government.

PhD in Statistical Physics from T.I.F.R Mumbai, India and post doctoral experience from Weizmann Institute Israel and Georgia Tech USA.Coming soon!

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